5 Ways to Safely Provide Data Access for Mobile Users

Are there workers in your organization that are using Box or Dropbox with or perhaps without IT and company approval? Are you looking the other way because you don’t have a sanctioned way for file sharing and collaboration that will pass the security sniff test?

You need to look at Nexsan Unity.

Nexsan Unity starts as unified storage, but adds a big plus: file sync and share, not only for workers on the LAN, but also mobile users:

  • iOS and Android support allows users the ability view, edit, and upload documents from their mobile device
  • No VPN required, allowing access from anywhere the user needs
  • Easily transfer large files by sending links so you don’t have to worry about email file size limits
  • A completely private cloud insures privacy and security
  • No data is stored in the cloud as Unity has a peer-to-peer encrypted connection to devices
  • All data remains under the control of corporate IT
Listen in and hear Gary Watson, Founder and Chief Evangelist, on our webinar to learn the five ways to provide your users access to their corporate data securely.

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