Nexsan OnDemand Webinar

Ask just about any storage administrator, IT professional, or industry analyst about public cloud storage costs and they will all say that it’s cheaper than on-prem storage. It’s certainly what the trade press says over and over again, but like much non-corroborated conventional wisdom, it’s incorrect. The best way to demonstrate the fallacy of these perceptions is to take a look at a real comparison using Nexsan Unity, a leading hyper-unified storage vs. AWS S3.

Listen in and hear Nexsan Founder and VP of Technical Engagement, Gary Watson, and President of Dragon Slayer Consulting, Marc Staimer discuss FIVE key things you should compare for Public Cloud Storage vs. On-Prem Storage:

  • Baseline assumptions and comparisons
  • The advantages and disadvantages
  • Detailed cost comparison
  • Next generation Unified Plus features such as EFSS, multi-site sync and secure archive
  • Security and Privacy

In addition, get the whitepaper "Conventional Wisdom is Wrong – Public Cloud Storage Costs More" to find that public cloud storage actually does cost a lot more than on-prem with Unity.

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