The Best Time to Plant a Shade Tree is 30 Years Ago: The Same is True for your Ransomware Strategy!

The first known malware extortion attack took place in 1989 and since 2012, ransomware attacks have increased exponentially around the world. The reality today is being attacked by ransomware is among the most devastating cybercriminal threats out there. According to the FBI, American companies were estimated to pay over $1 billion in ransomware payments in 2016 alone, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There is not just one method or tool that will completely protect your organization from a ransomware attack. Listen in to learn how Nexsan Unity™ is another line of defense against ransomware from Nexsan Founder and CTO, Gary Watson, and Security Expert Gregg Pugmire as they examine the following:

  • Background on ransomware and the current state of affairs of these attacks
  • Why anti-malware solutions are not infallible to prevent ransomware
  • Some common-sense preventative measures to practice
  • How to ensure data protection against attacks with a hardened archive solution

Take back control and don’t let the criminals get the upper hand!

So plant a tree, and download the OnDemand Webinar, along with our new Ransomware eBook and Infograph. The first 50 viewers of the presentation will receive a $20 (£20 or €20) gift card!

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